TechCrunch Viond Hackathon  

Create the ultimate #VRBucketList experience
and win with TechCrunch and Viond


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Dates & Time

Start NOW with your Hackathon project! You have time until August 2nd 5:00 pm (Eastern Time).


Everyone can participate! You do not need any programming skills, just your creativity.
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Hackathon Rules

Please respect our predefined contest rules. Don't worry, they won't get in the way of your limitless creativity!

Never been there, never done that


Inspired by the unique experiences in life, we present our hackathon theme “Never been there, never done that”. 
Create something you've never experienced before in VR, showcase your local must-see or teach someone a bucket list in VR. The only limit is that of your imagination!


Contest Rules

Signup & Timeline
Sign up below and on devpost and submit your project via the Viond Builder before 
August 2nd, 2018 at 5:00 pm (ET). 
 Your experience
  • Create your 360° content in any way you like, but use the Viond platform to create the interactive experience 
  • Be sure to hold the rights to your submitted content
  • Build an interactive experience with more than 1 node. Add as much interactivity as possible to increase your winning chances.



1st place
$1.000 in cash + 12 month Viond Enterprise license + the chance to win the whole Disrupt SF Hackathon!

2nd place
$500 in cash + 12 month Viond Professional license

3rd place
$250 in cash + 12 month Viond Professional license
The winner of the Viond TechCrunch Hackathon will be announced on our social media channels and awarded on the Disrupt TechCrunch main stage in San Francisco!

 How it works



Signup & Download

Sign up on devpost for TechCrunch and below to download the Viond Builder for free.


Create an experience with Viond

Create an interactive VR/360° experience. Theme: "Never been there, never done that".


Publish with the TC Hackathon license

Send a publish request via the Viond Builder for submitting your experience with #VRBucketList.


Claim your seat on the VR Throne!

Win $1.000 cash + a 12 month Viond Enterprise license + the chance to win the Disrupt SF Hackathon!

Participation Guide

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