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The keys to a great 360° VR experience

with Viond & TechCrunch


Arthur Bax
Webinar Host

A short and impactful webinar on how to create a winning interactive 360° experience using Viond

When? Monday, November 19th, 17.00 CET
Where? Sign up and we'll send you the URL via email


The biggest challenge in building 360° VR experiences is to make it interactive and to give user the possibility to experience the virtual world in an unique way. 

This is where Viond comes in place. With our Builder, you are able to create experiences that are fun, surprising, entertaining and, most important, interactive. Whether you have already used our Builder or not - this 45 minute webinar will show you how to build great 360° VR experiences with Viond. If you are joining the TechCrunch Hackathon with Viond, this session is everything you need to get started.


What you will learn:

    • Getting started with Viond
    • How to quickly create and add images
    • Displaying 3D objects in VR with stereo interactive elements
    • Placing overlays on top of a 360° environment
    • Working with invisible elements  
    • Simulating 'random' events
    • Best practices and tips
    • How to embed an experience in your website



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