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Making interactive 360° / VR a profitable



VR is on the top of the innovation list of most companies. A challenging situation for agencies and producers as VR projects can be hard to scale and are often very time- and cost intensive.


This doesn’t have to be the case!


Our whitepaper answers the most relevant questions: 

  • What's the current status of the VR market?
  • How can agencies and producers get started with interactive VR?
  • Why coding skills are not necessarily needed for VR any more?
  • How can agencies and producers make their VR business profitable?


Making VR Profitable
Hands-on guide to making VR projects a profitable business at no risk - for agencies new to the medium as well as those specialized in 360°/VR.

Virtual Reality (VR) teleports users to foreign places in a blink of an eye, lets them feel close to the action or any featured product, has the ability to trigger or intensify emotions and to create close to real, long-lasting memories in a way no medium has ever before. This whitepaper focuses on those VR applications that have a market already today. VR applications that reach more than just a few owners of high-end VR headsets and work with easily accessible alternatives such as mobile, Gear VR, Google Daydream and most importantly the Oculus Go. Leaving aside the ongoing discussions about the correct usage of the term VR – apart from very special solutions, common understanding is that – in contrast to 360° video alone - it has to contain interactivity allowing users to somehow interact with their virtual surrounding. (...)

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